Cyber Security Essentials


Objective This is entry level course in cyber security. Course is design to introduce the basics of cyber security, domains of cyber security & cyber laws, fundamentals of networks and network devices, access control, authentication, MFA, authorization, host, data, and application security, types of attack on CIA, nature of exploits & mitigations, malware, vulnerabilities, and threats. Course also introduces ethical hacking lifecycle along with tools & technologies used in the process. After the successful completion of this course students will be able to understand the basic concepts of cyber security and will be able to understand & demonstrate the ethical hacking life cycle.

Course Content
  • Basics of Cyber Security
  • Domains of Cyber Security & Cyber laws
  • Fundamentals of Networks and Network Devices
    1. Introduction to TCP/IP model
    2. Overview of Network Topology
    3. Types of Network Scans
  • Access Control, Authentication, MFA, Authorization
  • Host, Data, and Application Security
  • Types of Attack on CIA, Nature of Exploits & Mitigations
  • Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Threats
  • Ethical Hacking Lifecycle
    1. Foot Printing & Reconnaissance Techniques
    2. Social Engineering
    3. Scanning & Enumeration
    4. System Hacking
    5. Gaining Access
    6. Maintaining Access
    7. Covering Tracks
Basic (2/5) , Follow up course with hands on skills
14 Hours
Class Room+ 1 hour Tools overview (80% Theory , 20% Practical)
IT Graduates,
Registration via portal, Only Shortlisted Candidates
Certification of Participation