Training session on “GDPR Compliance for IT industry in Pakistan” Post Event Report

KPCERC-KPITB organized a training session on “GDPR Compliance for IT Industry in Pakistan”.The event was organized on Nov 19, 2018, at Durshal, Peshawar with sponsorship of CECOS University and Software Entrepreneurs Association KPK (SEAK).


Dr. Rafi Us Shan, Head KPCERC was the Keynote speaker. Dr.Tariq Zaman, Director ORIC-CECOS, was among the panelist. Around 25 participants including students, lecturers and professionals from local IT Industries attended the seminar.



General Data Protection Regulation is EU law enforced after May 28, 2018, and applicable to all IT application & services within EU or outside EU working with EU data.


The session gives a thorough insight into understanding GDPR and measured required for GDPR compliance for IT companies and individuals working for EU clients, developing, maintaining processing or holding EU data.


The following issues and challenges were addressed in the presentation.

  1. Components of GDPR.
  2. Importance and benefits of GDPR
  3. Challenges with development and sustainability of GDPR.
  4. Examples and key lessons about GDPR

This was an interactive session in which participants show their interest in the form of cross-questioning to the speaker, which helps them to understand the implications of GDPR on their businesses. At last some technology services and solutions (templates) were discussed.


This was the first session on GDPR and will be followed by more sessions with hands-on practical contents and upcoming data protection law in Pakistan.

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