Network Defender


Objective Objective is to train network administrators working in various government departments on state of the art network security tools & technologies. Course will cover intermediate to advance network defence techniques, hands on exposure to demonstrate network, security, cryptography, security monitoring, attack methods, endpoint threat analysis and network forensics, incidence response and network intrusion & event / data Analysis. Course aims to empower the network administrators across the province to fully understand & implement state of the art network management technologies.

Course Content
  • Basic Concepts
    1. Network Concepts
    2. Security Concepts
    3. Cryptography
  • Attack Methods
  • Endpoint Threat Analysis and Network Forensics
  • Endpoint Attacks, Including Interpreting Log Data to Identify Events in Windows and Linux
  • Host-Based Analysis & Security Monitoring
    1. Network Intrusion Analysis
    2. Incident Response
    3. Data and Event Analysis
    4. Incident Handling
  • Define a SOC and the various job roles in a SOC
    1. Understand SOC Infrastructure Tools and Systems
    2. Learn Basic Incident Analysis for a Threat Centric SOC
Advance (4.5/5) , Follow up course with vendor based tools/technologies
20 Hours
Lab Based (20% Theory , 80% Practical)
Government Department Employees managing network infrastructure
On Request or Invitation only
Certification of Participation